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Why Customers Prefer Our Solar Company in Sarasota

We Want Everyone to Benefit From Renewable Energy!

Have you heard about the importance of switching over to renewable energy and are searching for the perfect solar power company in Sarasota to install your system? Solar Solutions of Sarasota offers a variety of solar solutions. We offer them to both residential and commercial customers in Sarasota and surrounding communities.

For 20 years, we have perfected our products and services to offer you the best solutions. First, our team of experts will inspect your home and determine which one of our solar power services will work best. Next, we will work on a design that looks great and provides you with maximum functionality. Upon getting approval through the permit process, we begin the installation of your solar panels. In one to three days, you'll be able to say goodbye to pricey, carbon-emitting electricity and hello to sustainable, renewable solar energy.

So, if you are looking for a dedicated solar installation team in Sarasota, look no further than the experts at Solar Solutions of Sarasota. Our team of experts is ready to answer your questions about solar incentives and the solar panel installation process.

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Our Solar Company's Mission in Sarasota

We may not have invented solar power, but we are perfecting it every day. Our team of expert installers is committed to providing top-quality, affordable solar power solutions to the residents and business owners of Sarasota. We are also committed to providing renewable energy. Additionally, our well-designed solar panels provide customers with the consistent solar power that they need. Each of us is dedicated to providing both high-quality panels and great service so that we continue to grow and become one of Sarasota's most trusted names in Solar Power. Together, we aim to provide our customers with the best solar energy solutions.

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Our Team is Dedicated to Your Family

We specialize in improving your quality of life through great solar solutions. 

Solar Solutions of Sarasota has a variety of experts dedicated to providing customers with the best solar solutions available. We install state-of-the-art solar panels to help our customers get the most bang for their buck. Also, we provide regular maintenance and repair on our systems. Our team of experts has a commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. We are also doing our part to minimize global warming and climate change.

Whether you are a resident of Sarasota or a business in the local area, we have made a commitment to getting you high-quality service from the moment you contact us until well after we install your panels. We work with you to determine the best design for your solar system. Upon getting the approvals we need to proceed, we install your panels within a few days. Our skilled installation team guarantees your satisfaction and makes sure that your panels are installed properly and provide maximum benefit. In addition, we make sure you understand how to use the system so you can get the most out of savings on electricity.

Are you ready to start saving with solar power? Contact our solar contractors today to schedule an inspection and get a FREE quote on solar panel installation. Learn more about our solar system process.


Why You Should Get Our Sarasota Solar Services

Not only do we care about functionality but we also strive to keep your roof aesthtically pleasing. 

Installing solar systems isn't just a matter of getting on top of a roof and hammering in panels. A lot of planning goes into our installation process. We have to make sure that we install panels in the best position on your roof for the best results. Additionally, we must make sure that the way we arrange the panels on your roof is beautiful and doesn't distract from the aesthetics of your home. We offer a variety of expert solar services and solutions to our customers in Sarasota. They are as follows:

  • Solar panel installation
  • Affixing panels to various surfaces using solar racking
  • Solar batteries and generators
  • Maintenance services on solar panels
  • Solar panel repair

Not only do we offer these services to residential customers of Sarasota, but we also offer them to business customers. So, if you are ready to join the statewide initiative and reduce your reliance on carbon-emitting forms of energy, now is the perfect time to get solar energy installation. Contact us today to learn more about our state's many solar initiatives and get your FREE quote on our many services.

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Make the Switch to Sarasota Solar Today!

Interested in how to go solar in SRQ? Be sure to fill out a form or reach out to one of our knowledgeable team members! Call us at (941) 271-7761
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