How to Prevent Birds from Nesting Under Solar Panels

September 8, 2023

Are you a property owner curious about how to prevent birds from nesting under solar panels? This problem is somewhat rare, but it can happen. In turn, it’s good to know how to stop it before those birds damage the panels or your structure’s roof.

Tips for how to prevent birds from nesting under solar panels:

  • Install bird netting, spikes, or other deterrents
  • Trim nearby trees
  • Soft wash the roof and panels regularly

To find out more about how to prevent birds from nesting under solar panels and elsewhere, keep reading. Also, remember that a solar panel installation contractor can usually offer added advice. In turn, you can protect those panels and other components from damage.

how to prevent birds from nesting under solar panels

How to Prevent Birds From Nesting Under Solar Panels

Preventing birds from nesting under solar panels protects your installation, preventing potential damage through solar maintenance. There are several methods you can use to deter birds from nesting under your solar panels, including:

  • Bird mesh or netting is a highly effective way to prevent birds from accessing the area under your solar panels. It creates a physical barrier that birds cannot penetrate. Ensure that the mesh or netting is properly secured to the frame of the solar panels to prevent birds from slipping underneath.
  • Bird spikes are plastic or metal devices with pointed ends that are placed on the edges of the solar panels. These spikes make it uncomfortable for birds to perch on the panels. Make sure the spikes are installed securely and evenly across the entire panel array.
  • There are various bird deterrents available, such as scarecrow decoys, reflective tape, or balloons with reflective surfaces. These can deter birds by creating visual disturbances and scaring them away. Change the position of these deterrents regularly to prevent birds from becoming accustomed to them.
  • Birds often nest under solar panels for shelter and safety. Trimming nearby trees and vegetation can reduce the attractiveness of your solar panel area as a nesting site.
  • Performing regular maintenance can help prevent birds from establishing nests in the first place. This includes soft wash pressure washing, which keeps panels clean and removes nesting materials.

Can Birds Live Under Solar Panels?

Yes, birds can and often do live under solar panels. Solar panels provide shelter and protection from the elements, making them an attractive nesting site for birds. Pigeons, sparrows, and starlings are known to build nests underneath solar panels. This can risk several issues for the solar panels, including:

  • Bird droppings and nesting materials can accumulate on the surface of solar panels, reducing their efficiency by blocking sunlight. This can result in decreased energy production.
  • Bird droppings are acidic and can corrode the metal components of solar panel racking systems and other parts, potentially leading to damage and the need for costly repairs.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance to remove bird nests, droppings, and debris can be costly and time-consuming.

In turn, it’s good to take measures to deter birds from nesting under their solar panels. These help protect the solar panels and the birds while ensuring the panels operate efficiently and effectively.

a solar panel installation

How Do You Know If Birds Are Nesting Under Solar Panels?

Check out some common signs that birds may be nesting beneath your solar panels:

  • Look for birds entering or leaving the space between the solar panels and the roof. Birds, especially during the nesting season, will typically fly in and out of the area.
  • Check for the presence of nesting materials, such as twigs, leaves, straw, feathers, or grass, near the edges of your solar panels or on your roof.
  • Bird droppings around the perimeter of the solar panels or on the roof are a clear sign of bird activity. The presence of fresh or accumulated droppings can indicate an ongoing issue.
  • You may hear chirping or the sounds of baby birds if there are active nests under your solar panels. This can be especially noticeable during the nesting season.
  • A sudden drop in the efficiency of your solar panels can be a sign of bird nesting. Accumulated bird droppings or debris can block sunlight and reduce energy production.

It's good to periodically inspect your solar panel system, especially during the nesting season. This allows you to do what’s necessary to discourage birds from establishing nests and causing potential issues. Also, you can inspect the panels and components for other damage and premature wear. Call local bird experts for nest removal measures.

A Word From Our Crew

Sarasota Solar Solutions is happy to explain how to prevent birds from nesting under solar panels. Hopefully we offered some practical solutions to use! Also, if you’re in the market for solar power, call our Sarasota solar panel installation contractors. We offer a range of solar solutions sure to fit your property and needs. For more information, reach out to our crew today!


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