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Why You Should Get Solar in Lakewood Ranch

As energy bills continue to rise each year, you can start to get relief by taking control of your energy usage. Solar in Lakewood Ranch gives you much more control over your electricity bill by connecting to one of the most renewable energy sources on the planet - the Sun. Our superior solar energy products allow you to enjoy savings on energy while reducing your carbon footprint.

Are you ready to switch to a much more environmentally friendly option for powering your home or business? Call today to learn more about solar energy and get a FREE estimate on this and our other solar products and services.

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"I'm so grateful for the team at Sarasota Solar! They made the installation process easy and answered all my questions along the way. Thanks again. Highly recommend them."
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How Solar Works in Lakewood Ranch

You may be interested in getting solar in Lakewood Ranch, but you're unsure what to do. Then, you've come to the right place. Our friendly staff is ready to guide you through this process, providing you with the best opportunity to start saving on your energy bills with our superior solar solutions.

Solar in Lakewood Ranch starts with finding a reputable solar company like ours. We provide a free consultation in which one of our highly skilled solar contractors explains your options and provide you with the best design for your solar panels. Once we choose the perfect design and it's approved, our contractors install your panels on the part of your roof or property that provides the best reception year-round.

Upon installing your system, which includes panels and a solar inverter, your electric company will provide net metering services which monitor your solar usage. If your solar panels produce more energy than you can use, your electric company will provide you with credits that help reduce your bill. This is one of the most significant ways you'll save money.

Another way that you can save is through federal and state incentives and rebates for switching to solar. Again, we can discuss these details with you during your initial consultation.

Call Solar Solutions of Sarasota today to learn more about switching to solar and get a FREE estimate on solar panels for your home.


What Can You Do When the Power Goes Out In Your Community?

Many of our solar customers are surprised that their solar power goes out when their neighbor's power goes out. Although your solar system receives energy from a different source than your neighbor, you can still experience power outages since your system is grid-tied.

One way you can reduce your reliance on the grid is by getting one of our solar batteries in Sarasota. Our solar batteries will allow your solar system to continue to run for a few days as you wait for power to be restored in your neighborhood. Another way to reduce your reliance on the grid is through a solar generator. When your power shuts off, your solar generator will provide continuous power if you experience a power outage for an extended time.

Do you want to ensure you never lose access to power during a power outage? Call today to learn more about these additional solar tools and get a FREE quote.

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Our Popular Solar Services


Solar panels can get dirty. Leaves, debris, and bird poop can cover sections of your solar panels, causing bad reception. This can result in higher-than-average energy bills. If you notice that you aren't saving as much as you used to on your solar panels, it may be time for annual solar cleaning. Call to learn more about this service.


Besides cleaning, there could be other problems that can cause your solar system to go awry. Or your panels could need repair. Or your solar inverter may not be functioning correctly. As with dirty panels, these problems can make your solar panels less effective. Our team can provide you with solar panel maintenance to get your system back on track.

Commercial Solar

Are you a local business owner who is tired of seeing your energy bill skyrocket year after year? Getting commercial solar panels in Lakewood Ranch can help you gain more control over one of your company's most variable expenses. Inquire about our commercial solar services today by calling our team of solar energy professionals!
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Why Our Solar Solutions Are The Best

Solar Panels or Shingles

Choosing our solar panels in Lakewood Ranch is a much more cost-effective solution for acquiring solar. However, we realize that not every homeowner wants items protruding from their roof. This is why we offer solar shingles as an option that blends into your home's architecture much more seamlessly.

Superior Solar Racking

For customers who choose our solar panels, you can rest assured that they will remain firmly attached to your roof throughout the lifetime of the solar panels. Our top-notch solar racking installation keeps solar panels affixed to your roof through Sarasota's extremely high winds during storms.

Full Solar Services

At Solar Solutions of Sarasota, we pride ourselves on being a full service solar company that provides services for customers from installation throughout the life cycle of their solar panels. If you need repairs, cleaning, or additional tools, we can offer them. 
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Make the Switch to Sarasota Solar Today!

Interested in how to go solar in SRQ? Be sure to fill out a form or reach out to one of our knowledgeable team members! Call us at (941) 271-7761
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