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Getting Solar Panels in Sarasota - What You Need to Know!

There are so many advantages to getting solar panels in Sarasota. But many people hesitate to get them because of the many misconceptions about solar panels. We are diligent about providing the most accurate, up-to-date information about solar energy and solar installation. Thus, our customers can make sound decisions and benefit from all the financial assistance that is currently available.

One of the biggest misconceptions about solar panel installation is that it is too expensive. There once was a time when the parts for solar panels weren't as readily available as they are now. This made getting solar panels much more expensive. However, solar energy is much more affordable nowadays for two reasons. For one, the federal and local governments assist with solar panel installation. Additionally, many financing options are available to help you finance your solar system.

Another issue homeowners worry about with solar panel installation is getting in trouble with their homeowner's association. Luckily, if you want to get solar panels on your home in Florida, HOAs cannot prevent you from doing so, according to Florida statute 163.04. They may restrict where your place your panels, however.

Lastly, another misconception about solar panels is that they damage your roof. This is true if you work with an amateur installation team. Our installation team is certified and uses proper racking systems to install solar panels in Sarasota.

Don't allow the misconceptions about solar energy to intimidate you. We are here to provide you with the information you need so that you can make a solid decision on investing in solar power. Our friendly consultants will schedule a FREE consultation and provide you with a FREE quote on our services.

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The Countless Benefits of Solar Panels in Sarasota

Florida is a state that gets a lot of sun. Therefore, it is a great place to install solar panels. Aside from being a great place to use solar power, there are many incentives available to encourage residents and businesses to make the switch. Additionally, here are a few more benefits of investing in solar energy for your property.

  • Improvements to the environment
  • Less reliance on non-renewable energy
  • Some independence from the electric grid

Although these are all fantastic benefits of solar energy, one of the single most important reasons residents and businesses switch to solar power is because it saves money. In recent years, the price of electricity has drastically increased. When you get solar power, even though you are still connected to the grid, you have more control over the cost of your electric bill than those who don't have solar power in Sarasota, FL. When your system makes excess energy, this goes back to the primary grid through a process known as net metering. Electric companies credit you for the excess energy, allowing you to save on your electricity.

If you want to make the switch, there's no time like the present to convert to Florida solar energy. One of our friendly, knowledgeable team members is available to discuss your options and provide you with more info about solar energy. We can also schedule your FREE consultation and give you a quote on how much solar panels cost in Sarasota.


Don't Miss Out On Incentives to Help With Solar Installation

Are you considering getting solar energy but keep putting it off? Well, don't wait too long to take action on getting solar energy. The federal government is currently helping residents and businesses with solar panels in Sarasota by providing a 26 percent tax credit. However, in 2023, this credit will go down to 22 percent and may disappear after 2023 if Congress doesn't renew it.

In addition, to help from the Fed, Sarasota residents and businesses can take advantage of the Florida property tax exemption, which keeps you from paying for additions to your home. Also, if you want solar panels, you don't have to worry about paying sales tax for their solar panels by taking advantage of the sales tax exemption. Once your panels are installed, you can take advantage of Florida's net metering, which allows the electric company to credit you for the excess power your system creates.

Now's the time to act if you want to take advantage of the many opportunities to save on your solar panels in Sarasota. Unfortunately, these incentives may not be around for long. So call us today to get started with our outstanding solar panel installation.

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Answers To Critical Questions About Solar Power

Solar panel installation has been around for many years. But many people still have many questions about this technology. Here are answers to some of the most pressing questions about solar power for your home or business.

How can I save using solar energy?

You will save with solar energy through a process called net metering. How this works is when your system captures more energy from the sun than you need to power your home, the excess energy goes to the grid. As a result, the electric company will credit your bill, ultimately reducing your bills.

Do I need solar batteries or generators?

It is a good idea to get solar batteries and generators for your solar system. If you have an on-grid system, you are still connected to the primary grid. Therefore, if there are power outages, you will also experience them unless you have a battery and a generator.

Should I get a solar roof or solar panels?

Solar panels are one of our most popular, cost-friendly options. However, some customers prefer solar roofs because they look like roof shingles. This design is chicer but costs more than solar panels.

To learn more, contact us today for a FREE consultation and to get a FREE estimate on solar panels in Sarasota. You can also check out our solar blog for more info.



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Other Solar Services in Sarasota

We specialize in installing solar panels in Sarasota. However, this isn't all that we do. As a full-service solar company, we also clean and maintain solar panels. Therefore, if you need help with installation or support when your system isn't working optimally, call us and schedule us to come out and assist you with your solar system. Our team also completes solar panel design for customers.

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