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Our Professional Solar Racking in Sarasota

Since solar panels are an essential part of your solar system, they must be installed properly and that includes solar racking for Sarasota homes. Our experts at Solar Solutions of Sarasota know the suitable racking systems to use because we have been installing solar systems in the local area for 20 years. No matter how windy it gets, you don't have to worry about our panels blowing off your home. Also, you can rest assured that our solar racking will keep your home looking aesthetically pleasing.

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Why Do Homeowners Need Proper Solar Racking in Sarasota FL?

A lot can happen to your solar panel racking in Sarasota over the next 25 years of their life expectancy. But with proper solar racking, you certainly don't have to worry about them falling off your house or floating away. Our expert technicians know how to install your panels so that they can stay affixed to your roof and look aesthetically pleasing. Here's what our Sarasota solar racking installation can do for you.

  • Keeps your home's curb appeal looking great
  • Your roof will remain intact
  • Protects your panels from blowing off during high winds
  • Heavy snow won't ruin your panels or make them slide off

Are you ready to work with one of Sarasota's most trusted solar installation teams, ensuring proper solar racking in Sarasota? Then, call us today to schedule your FREE consultation and get a FREE quote on our service. 


Don't Let DIY Weekend Warriors Destroy Your Roof!

Can getting solar panel roof racking installed on my roof harm it? Yes, if you rely on amateur solar installers to install your solar panels. Proper solar racking systems in Sarasota is not only crucial for keeping your roof intact but also is critical for you to qualify for state and federal tax incentives. Not only will our designs protect your roof, but they will also provide you with the best reception from the sun annually.

Another critical reason you should seek out professionals like us when getting solar panels is that we make sure to design your panels with your home's architecture in mind. We know that solar panels can be clunky and unattractive if they aren't designed properly. So we ensure that our designs are sleek and fit in well with your curb appeal.

Let us get to work on the proper installation of your solar panels in Sarasota. Call today for your FREE estimate.

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Will Solar Panels Look Ugly on My Roof? Not with Our Solar Company

If you have a professional team like ours to install your system for solar racking in Sarasota FL, you won't have to worry about ugly solar panel roof racking. We take our time and install our solar racks properly so that they won't fall off your roof, experience corrosion, or ruin your curb appeal.

Keep in mind that there are a few circumstances in which we may not install your panels on your roof. For instance, your HOA may prefer we mount them on some other part of the property. Or we may not be able to get the best reception by attaching the panels to your roof. Therefore, we may have to connect them somewhere else on your home or property.

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Solar Design Services Available in Sarasota and Beyond

Are you interested in getting solar panels but don't know where to start? Our most trusted solar company can help! We are a full-service solar company. Therefore, we provide installation, cleaning, and maintenance on your system. If you live in Sarasota or the surrounding areas, call today for your FREE quote on any one of our solar design services.

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